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Attitude & Personality

To make this clear from the beginning: this is not a holliday. In the first place we want to develop ourself and our business. Therefore, you have to be motivated to achive something big. You don´t necesarrily need a running business, but the goal to get one or improve others. This is a community of open minded people from different countries all over the world. Changing perspectives and expand your horizon shouldnt bother you. English will be the every day language. If you are easy to talk with you will connect with a lot of inspiring and succesful people.


Camping Gear & Transport

Better than any hotel resort – mother nature! If you can dispense with big rooms, luxury beds and a golden bathtub you will camp on the most beautiful lookouts all over europe. Be aware that camping isn´t for everyone – without a mosquito peace contract, a portabale spa and a private cook you will face some natural challenges. To accomplish these will bring you happiness on a low level and the basis of a statisfied life. You can join the road trip with your own car / camper or you can check if an other road tripper got a free seat. Some camping experience will be necessary to enjoy a two month road trip.


Costs of Living

Due to our partnerships with local landholders we will overstay cheaper than on common campgrounds. Also, some farmers offered us to provide cheap food and running water. This will make the road trip much more affordable, but some money for gas, activities and the normal every day life will be necessary. I recommand a budget of 1000€ a month. A huge game changer is to rent your flat back in your hometown on Airbnb or other sharing platforms. This will cover all your transport costs. If you are an entreprenuer you should be able to settle taxes for this trip.

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